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  Chateau Ste. Marie

Chateau Ste. Michelle became a Founding Sponsor of The Statue of Liberty \'96 Ellis Island Foundation, and the first sponsor to direct its efforts to the restoration of Ellis Island.

This was done so in honor of the island's extraordinary role in American history. During Ellis Island's life as a U.S. immigration station, more than 12 million people surged through its enormous Great Hall.

CSM offered this book in celebration of the savory results of the melting pot, and of the real relish for food and wine that the immigrants stirred into it. We focused on the history of nine immigrant groups \'96 why they left home, what they discovered in America, and what they brought to it.

The recipes selected were based on well-loved favorites and paired with one of CSM's wine parietals. These recipes survived the long trip across the Atlantic, delighted generation after generation, and gave us an immediate, delicious way to explore our heritage.